The Second International Slope Stability in Mining Conference will be held at the Hyatt Regency Hotel in Perth, Western Australia, 26-28 October 2021.

Abstracts are due 26 April 2021 via the Author’s Portal.

Click to view the event flyer.

Conference Themes

  • Processing of geotechnical data for uncertainty in design
  • Slope stability and management in weathered and saprolitic rocks
  • In situ stress determination
  • Calibration of numerical models based on historic data – why, how and confirmation
  • Surface water and groundwater management, dewatering, and depressurisation
  • Rockfall analysis and stabilisation strategies; effect of scaling and success
  • Management of slope instability techniques and successes; runout
  • Determining slope failure mechanisms from monitoring
  • Slope design implementation, blasting control and damage control, measurement of blast damage effects on local and global stability
  • Safety and risk management
  • Waste dumps and rehabilitation management
  • Click here to view the Slope Stability 2020 papers on the ACG Online Repository of Conference Proceedings.
  • Abstracts are due 26 April 2021 via the Author’s Portal.