Reutech Mining is a passionate company dedicated to developing, manufacturing and distributing innovative technologies for the management of safety within the mining industry. It has been at the forefront of technological innovation for mining safety for more than a decade. 

Since establishment in 2006, after being approached by industry leaders in the mining sector requesting advanced geotechnical monitoring solutions, the company has focused on providing and improving real-time mine safety for surface and underground applications, as well as contributing towards notable increases in the production output of a large number of mines globally.

With reliable products and outstanding support structures on every continent, Reutech Mining’s mission is to understand the mining environment and to provide the industry with world class products.


Slope Stability

The core focus at Reutech Mining is to provide geotechnical slope stability monitoring solutions. An effective slope stability management programme improves safety and increases productivity through the real-time monitoring of rock slope behaviour. The MSR range powered by MSR Connect® is one of the most advanced geotechnical monitoring systems available on the market.


The MSR range includes the world’s most advanced slope stability radars, improving safety and productivity through accuracy and reliability. The MSR range uses high performance radar technology and is powered by the innovative MSR Connect® software. The MSR modular series offers increased flexibility by providing highly customisable solutions. MSRIV Esprit is the fastest scanning radar in the industry and was designed to operate in highly volatile atmospheric conditions and detect fast moving slopes.


This new, ultra user-friendly MSR software, is without question the most advanced monitoring software available in the marketplace today. Operating with accelerated high-speed data acquisition rates and combined with precision analytics, it allows for improved dynamic decision-making capabilities whilst working onsite or in the office.


Intended to go anywhere at any time, the MPP offers a mounting platform for a variety of sensors and equipment. The platform has been designed with modularity in mind and can be configured for various user requirements. The MPP is purpose-built for the most challenging of operational conditions with intelligent circuitry that ensures a reliable, uninterrupted power supply.


Slope Vision comprises of a high-definition camera and advanced software, enabling the user to direct the camera to specific georeferenced coordinates or points of interest. Once the MSR detects instability, Slope Vision can be tasked to investigate a specific point for any period of time without affecting the operation of the radar.


Underground Mining

Designed specifically for the challenges faced by underground mining operations globally, the Sub Surface Profiler (SSP) improves dynamic decision-making through the precise management of fall of ground risks, as well as the optimal use of support mechanisms in an environment where every second counts.

Its light-weight and patented ergonomic design allows for one-handed operation by one person in much the same way as a paint roller. Data collected is wirelessly transmitted and processed in real-time, giving instant feedback on rock structures while scanning. This is ground penetrating radar… reimagined.