Associated Event

Third International Slope Stability in Mining Conference
14-16 November 2023 | The Westin Perth, Western Australia

Hydrogeological Uncertainty and Implications in Slope Design Workshop

12 November 2023 | Wisteria Room, The Westin Perth, Western Australia
About the workshop

This workshop seeks to introduce the concept of hydrogeological uncertainty and its impact on geotechnical engineering works. The developments from the last 5–10 years have increased the ability of groundwater modellers to not only quantify hydrogeological predictions, but also understand its sensitivity and potential of data (historical and future) to constrain uncertainty. The workshop aims to raise awareness of groundwater uncertainty, hydrogeological risk and implications on slope design, and demonstrate the latest open-source technologies available for data assimilation and uncertainty quantification.

Who should attend

Mine hydrogeologists, groundwater modellers and geotechnical engineers who perform or provide hydrogeological inputs to slope stability analysis.

Each attendee is to please bring their laptop to the workshop.

Workshop notes

Workshop notes shall be available to the workshop attendees.

Workshop Program*
Welcome and introduction
Introduction and hydrogeological uncertainty
Basic statistics
Groundwater models
Methods in data assimilation and uncertainty quantification
Applications of uncertainty analysis in slope stability context
Final remarks and open discussion

*Program subject to change

Workshop Presenter

Dr Eduardo De Sousa
Managing Director and Principal Hydrogeologist

Eduardo De Sousa is a principal groundwater modeller and managing director at INTERA Inc. He has two decades of experience working in South America, Africa and Australasia delivering modelling solutions in hydrogeological systems of high complexity, including modelling of geothermal systems, reactive transport modelling, design of dewatering and depressurisation systems, environmental impact assessments, ecohydrology and groundwater remediation. His work includes dewatering optimisation in open pit mines, development of software infrastructure to allow the use of PEST with FEFLOW models, and high-complexity 3D models in mining environments for operations (dewatering and depressurisation), environmental purposes and dynamic coupling of pit lake and groundwater models in mine closure projects. In addition, he was also an invited keynote speaker for the FEFLOW user conference in Adelaide in 2013 and was a regular contributor to the Groundwater Modelling Decision Support Initiative (GMDSI), providing talks and webinars on practical aspects of uncertainty analysis in mining contexts in 2019 and 2020.

Dr Rui Hugman
Senior Groundwater Modeller

Rui Hugman is a senior groundwater modeller at INTERA. He has spent the last decade working as a groundwater modeller in both research and consulting environments. Rui has been involved in groundwater modelling projects in Asia, Europe, Central America, and Southern Africa delivering decision-support solutions in a range of complex contexts, including well-field and managed aquifer recharge wellfield design and optimisation, dewatering design, environmental impact assessments and ecohydrology. He is well-versed in PEST/PEST++ and has experience with both MODFLOW and FEFLOW. During his time working for the Groundwater Modelling Decision Support Initiative (GMDSI), his work included the development of training material addressing software tools and workflows that promote the improved use of environmental modelling for decision support. Rui remains active in academia, currently co-supervising PhD students and collaborating on research with colleagues across the globe.